Industrial and Specialty Coatings
Extreme Coatings has a wealth of specialized experience in rehabilitating and protecting concrete and steel structures for industrial facilities. Our projects include dams, steel and concrete storage tanks, piping, water and wastewater treatment plants, agricultural and food processing facilities, energy plants – any structure or equipment needing to be protected.

We are a leader in the specialty painting and coatings industry with over 18 years of industrial experience.

We Offer:  
  • Trained and experienced coatings specialists to efficiently complete your projects using any paint or specialty coatings material.

  • QP 1 and QP 2(A) certified by SSPC –means we have passed rigorous on-site, third-party audits for quality, safety, training and management. We are proud to be one of only a handful of contractors nationwide who have achieved this level of recognition.

  • NACE Coatings Inspectors on staff provide a high level of knowledge and expertise to our projects.

  • Established quality control procedures make sure your projects are completed to your specifications and industry standards.

  • Personnel trained in lead and hazardous material removal to ensure existing material is removed safely.

  • Certified applicator for numerous coating manufacturers and coating systems.

  • Our QP 2 (A) certification means we are certified by SSPC to build and perform abatement in negative air enclosures.


QP1 & QP2


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