Construction activities using traditional excavation are the single largest cause of accidents to buried infrastructure.

Eliminate the potential for damage during excavation activities!

Hydro or air vacuum excavations are safe and efficient methods for exposing utilities and other buried structures.

Non-destructive industrial vacuum technology quickly excavates areas where traditional excavation equipment cannot reach or cannot dig without harm. Our non-mechanical method of excavation is an economical solution to expensive hand excavation in sensitive areas.

Excavate unapproachable areas

Asbestos, lead or other hazardous material removal
Locate and expose gas, power, fiber and other utility lines

Asbestos and Hazardous Material Abatement

ECI uses an innovative industrial vacuum process to quickly and safely remove asbestos and other hazardous materials. Materials are vacuum-deposited directly into a large dumpster-size, double-lined containers specifically designed for hazardous materials. Air goes through a HEPA filtration chamber to prevent hazardous materials from being discharged to the environment.

Handling of materials is greatly reduced, therefore saving on labor and reducing the potential for worker exposure.

This process is one of the most advanced and environmentally safe.

The process works for any hazardous material, including asbestos tile, siding, insulation, dirt, and even mold contaminated material. Contact us for more information on how this works for your project.

Safe,Time-efficient, Cost-Effective, Non-destructive, 24 hour service!

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